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Judy Huck Art Store

Mixed media artist offering various art products.

Local Business

Judy Huck Art and Design is an Edmonton, Alberta based small business. Shop local and support local artists!

Online Store

Shop for unique products featuring designs from Judy Huck Art & Design. Check it out here.


Check back for updates.


An ever expanding wide ranging portfolio from mixed media art to graphic design and more. View more here.

Our Products and Services

Clothing and Accessories

Offering a variety of products that feature art work/ designs from Judy Huck Art & Design. Shop now.

Graphic Design

From posters, social media ads, flyers and more.

Web Hosting

Judy is an affiliate for Green Geeks Web Hosting, the number one choice for web hosting services. Managed wordpress hosting. Fast, secure and eco-friendly. Sign up today.

If you are looking for colorful and bright art you are in the right place!

Judy Huck’s art is found to be colorful and bold, often abstract in nature.

As a mixed media artist, Judy is continually looking for new techniques to create beautiful art pieces. The products you will find here are designed with Judy’s art.

Read more about the artist here.

Judy Huck Art & Design Store

“The designs are wide ranging which offers the customer a good choice. Custom orders are possible and must be made by contacting Judy Huck Art & Design.”

Why Choose Us


Every design or piece of art is made with passion and care. Color is often a motivating factor and inspiration.


Judy received a Fine Arts Certificate in Multimedia Design from the University of Alberta. The program covered a wide range of fine art techniques.


If you have any questions about any of the products or special requests for custom work contact me via email.

Find that unique item today!

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